Society meeting - Zoom

05.15.2021 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Matt Gallon


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We are hopefully now very close to our National two stage return to ringing as part of the overall easing of lockdown. The first stage hopefully on 17th May and the second stage hopefully on 21st June.

In preparation for this, we have designed our May training meeting to be an opportunity for all of us across our society to discuss and share our thoughts, plans, concerns and ideas regarding our return to ringing for us all as individuals,

for our tower teams and for our society as a whole. During our meeting on Saturday Stuart Hutchieson will discuss tower plans for a return to ringing.

We do not plan to run any Ringing Room sessions on Saturday; however, Oliver Bouckley will discuss how ringing room can be used to help, and specifically how the “Wheatley” virtual ringer feature can be used.