Back to ringing celebration! - Shareshill (6)

07.24.2021 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Matt Gallon


We will keep the society business to an absolute minimum because this meeting is all about getting back together as a group of people.

There will be a few differences from previous meetings, and we need to ask members to do a few things a bit differently:

If you choose to come along, here are a few points for you to note please:

1. We will keep the society business to an absolute minimum.

2. John Vincent, our host has kindly arranged parking at “The Elms” pub WV10 7JR should this be required.

3. Please bring your own refreshments.

4. Please carry out a lateral flow test.

5. In the light of current circumstances, the committee have decided to ask members to please wear face masks whilst in the church and whilst ringing, and to use the outdoor space as much as possible.

6. The ringing will be aimed at recognising that all of us will be “rusty” and we will be very keen to ring accordingly.