Philip Barnes, Chairman of CRAG writes:

The report is divided into three parts. The first, is a short summary of the CRAG report containing the background and our recommendations. The full report contains a lot more background and provides the context and rationale for our recommendations.

The entire report can be read or downloaded from In addition there will be the facility to raise any queries you may have via the website. We will aim to answer these as quickly as possible and will use the questions and answers to compile a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ resource that we will update regularly.

We are very aware that reading some of the criticisms levelled at the Council will be painful for some members. Given the many years of dedicated service to the Council by many members this is entirely understandable. We hope however that it does not result in a defensive response. Those of you respondents who made criticisms seem to have done so in the spirit of helping the Council to improve.

Likewise, our recommendations are radical. To some CC members they will no doubt seem a little scary. Again, however, all of the members of CRAG have undertaken our work driven by the same desire to create an organisation fit for the future.


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